My plans for the blog

My plans for the blog is to keep it up to date . Blog about what I know and some things or maybe even about my life .

I plan to blog and go to school and juggle the blog and life.  I will blog about different topics and chat and answer questions if you have any . This is my plans so far and goals .


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Artistic TalentsĀ 

Everyone has a artistic talent . No matter how old or young . I see art in dimes ,pennies , a photo or a fork dipped into some paint and smeared upon a canvas. 

Art is in music , or how you express yourself in poetry or design. Art is everywhere.  I have been painting for almost three years and I free style draw and my favorite things to draw is fairies and abstract paintings . I have been trying to get my work out their to the public eye but I have been having some issues . I have a page called Babygirls Doodles because that’s what my friends call me and I show my work off but everyone is looking but nobody wants any art work. I have some of my moms projects and my dads and my boy friend is trying to help but it is very hard for a woman in the business. 

I mean me and my mom has tried to advertise Avon and among other things . I mean we don’t know what to do some times it is hard some times as a E – Business for a woman but I am still head strong.  That’s enough for know. What is your talents?. Never give up.

True love

Often times people get love and lust missed understood .  And I was one of those people that did and I thought I was loved by a mistake . To find out he didn’t even care or love me . Well hear recently this man walked into my life and has opened my eyes so much and has taught me so many things in a short while . He has shown me what love is and what true love is. I am so blessed to have him in my life and say I truely  love him. Yes I am scared to death to see what the feature holds in are life but that is what’s making it a adventure for us. 

And we have a blast on are adventures . We paint and travel and we plan to start traveling and signing. But that’s gonna take some practice for me cause I don’t know how to sing with canned music. Its a little hard for me when I am used to live . But sounds like we are going to have a lot of adventures together . But I would like to tell my wonderful man thanks for being my rock . Cause your like a rock! . I love you. 

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